Louisiana Boys State

June 22-28, 2014

Northwestern State University

Parents wishing to visit the program: read our “Parent Visits” page

At Louisiana Boys State, you will not receive lessons on how to be a leader. By merit of being invited, you show that you already have the seeds of leadership. What will happen at Louisiana Boys State is the tradition of “learning by doing.” You will be tasked with creating the 51st state in all components of government, including local, regional and statewide.

During the program you will be surrounded by similar young men, those who – like you – have distinguished themselves as leaders. You join an organization that has existed in Louisiana for more than 70 years. You are now among an elite group of men who have gone on to become business leaders, doctors, legislators, governors and presidents.

Welcome and we look forward to seeing you,

- Louisiana Boys State Staff

Boys State is an American Legion program.

The American Legion strives to promote a better understanding of the principles of democracy and to inculcate among all people a higher appreciation of the benefits of American citizenship. To serve the needs of all veterans and their families. To fulfill our commitment to community, state and nation.