Parent Visits

Parents are welcome to attend the program to view activities and awards on Day 7 (Saturday, June 30). We ask that they avoid coming to campus at any other time as it will disrupt the flow of the program and the Citizen experience.

The Capitol Program will be held in the NSU Friedman Student Union, located at 185 Sam Sibley Dr on NSU’s campus, starting at 9:00 am. During this time Citizens demonstrate projects and knowledge from throughout the week. This time will also include the swearing in of the 2018 State Officers at the beginning of the event. The swearing-in ceremony will be livestreamed through our YouTube Channel.

The Awards Convocation will be held at A.A. Fredericks Auditorium, located at 150 Central Ave on NSU’s campus starting at 1:45 PM.

Between the Capitol Program and Awards Convocation the Boys State Citizens will eat lunch in the cafeteria. While parents are encouraged to visit any of the fine restaurants in Natchitoches, they cannot be accommodated in the cafeteria nor can Citizens leave campus.

Any Citizen who leaves the program early or who departs on the last day with parents (i.e. not on the bus provided by the American Legion) MUST be checked out by parent or guardian through the Boys State Chairman or his designee. Following the completion of closing ceremonies on July 1, all Citizens will return to the NSU Health and Human Performances Building (H&HP) for checkout. Citizens who depart the program with parents will be checked out at that location while bus riders depart from the other side of the building. All Citizens wait in the H&HP gym as a holding area until either checked out by a parent or boarding a bus. Departure by bus and parent check-out are both scheduled to begin at 3:45 pm. Once the Citizen is properly signed out by a parent, he will bring his luggage (pre-dropped off at H&HP earlier that morning) from the H&HP gym and can leave with the parent.

Please note that the parent checking out the Citizen for self-transport away from the program needs to bring a photo ID with them, as this is checked as part of the process.

Any parents who wish to attend our events on Saturday are encouraged to visit for information on lodging and places to eat for lunch on Saturday.