Louisiana Boys State is a program of the Louisiana Department of the American Legion. As such, it is overseen by the members of the Boys State Commission, chaired by Mr. Philip Legendre. Mr. Legendre and the Commission are assisted in putting on and implementing the Boys State program by a dedicated group of Program Staff Members and Counselors.

The Program Staff of Louisiana Boys State is annually made up of young professionals who work year-round to plan for each year’s session. Members of Staff are all former Citizens of Louisiana Boys State who have also served over the years as Junior Counselors, Parish Counselors, Seniors Counselors, and/or Staff Adjuncts. HavingĀ on average between seven and ten years of experience with Boys State, these men represent such diverse professions as political consulting, construction engineering, and education.

Each year Staff is assisted in carrying out the Boys State program by a cast of 50+ Counselors and Staff Adjuncts. Junior Counselors (1-2 assigned per city), Parish Counselors (1 assigned per parish/2 cities), and Staff Adjuncts are typically college students chosen from the ranks of the best-of-the-best former citizens of Louisiana Boys State. New and returning JCs and PCs form the backbone of the one-on-one leadership mentoring of Citizens that occurs during the program. Seniors Counselors are typically upper-level college students or young professionals that have been with the program for several years, serving as a JC, PC, and/or SA with great dedication and skill, demonstrating a firm commitment to the Boys State program and its ideals. Each SC is tasked with direct administration of either one of the academic tracks (City Council, Parish Council, School Board, Courts, House of Representatives, Senate, or Press) or some other programmatic function of Boys State.

Boys State Staff and Counselors are also assisted year-in and year-out by members of the American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion who offer assistance as needed and also serve as Academic Judges during the Capitol Program at the end of the week.