Code of Conduct

Remember that every Citizen must have completed the signature portion of this page and bring it with them to the program as part of registration.

The violation of the following code will result in the dismissal of a Boys State Citizen from the program. Any citizen dismissed for violating the Code of Conduct will not be recognized as having been a delegate to Boys State. In addition, a letter will be sent to the delegate’s high school principal and the sponsoring American Legion Post. These rules are in effect throughout the entire program, including the last night, final day, and through departure from the program.

  1. The use of tobacco products, alcohol and/or illegal drugs is prohibited. If you cannot refrain from using these items during this program, you should decline your invitation to attend the program.
  2. In accordance with Louisiana law and Northwestern State University policy, hazing or abuse is unacceptable and could also result in arrest by local authorities.
  3. Intentional destruction or vandalism to Boys State or Northwestern State University property will not only result in dismissal from the program, but could require restitution or prosecution for such damages.
  4. Disrespect, harassment or repeated lack of cooperation with Boys State Program Staff, Counselors, The American Legion Staff or Northwestern State University staff, faculty, or students will not be tolerated.
  5. Intentional or repeated use of abusive language or profanity will not be allowed as any part of the program. This includes, but is not limited to songs, chants, banners, laws, speeches debates, party conventions, etc.
  6. Boys State citizens are not to be in any area, dorms, meetings, etc. of Girls State with the exception of the dance, joint convocations, or officially designated program components conducted by Boys State during the duration of the program.
  7. All citizens are expected to be active participants in all aspects of the Boys State program and to cooperate with all Boys State Program Staff, The American Legion and Northwestern State University personnel as requested.
  8. No citizen of Boys State shall harass or disrespect another citizen of Boys State because of their personal or political beliefs, religious practices, ethnicity, race, or way of life.
  9. Sexual harassment of any individual, whether associated with Boys State or not, will not be tolerated.
  10. No citizen of Boys State should be alone on campus at any time during the program. Citizens must be accompanied as a group or individual at all times by a Boys State Staff Member or Counselor, an American Legion Staff Member or a Northwestern State University official or student worker as approved by Boy State Staff.
  11. Individual candidate speeches that include vulgarity or other derogatory or inappropriate remarks that could be interpreted as racist or sexually explicit or offensive will result in termination of that candidate’s campaign, by expulsion from Boys State.