Packing List

This list may also be downloaded in PDF form.

Remember to pack your belongings in bags or suitcases with handles which you can easily carry yourself. Each Citizen is responsible for carrying his own luggage as the volume of Citizens arriving prevents us from assisting with excess baggage. Parents will not be able to assist in moving into the dorms. Each luggage item should be labeled with your name, hometown, and American Legion district number for identification purposes.

  • Signed registration packet – medical form, code of conduct, NSU anti-hazing policy
    • Do not pack this away in luggage but have it easily accessible to turn in as soon as you arrive at registration.
  • Bedding – including a set of twin sheets/sleeping bag, blanket, pillows, etc.
  • Bath Towels and washcloths
  • All medications – prescribed and over the counter (inhalers, insulin, headache/nausea medicine)
  • Toiletries – deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, mouthwash, razors, etc.
    • Suggested: toilet paper (one roll) as dorms are apartment-style housing and university provided stock is low-grade
  • Shower shoes/flip-flops for dorm use only
  • Tennis/comfortable walking shoes and socks (closed toed)
    • Closed toed shoes are required for daily use outside of dorms
  • Clothing
    • The LA Boys State shirt must be worn at all times during the program. As a result, there is no need to bring a shirt for every day of the week. One (1) LABS shirt is provided as part of program cost. It is recommended that each Citizen purchase two (2) extra shirts ($10/shirt), one to wear himself and one to set aside to exchange at the Boys State/Girls State dance social.
    • Shorts/pants, socks, underwear, etc.
    • NOTE: Laundry service is provided by members of the American Legion each day for Boys State shirts only. Be sure to pack enough other articles of clothing for the week.
  • Dress shirt and slacks for the LABS/LAGS dance social and the Capitol Program (slacks worn for both occasions, dress shirt for the dance)
  • Sport coat and slacks or suit, dress shirt and tie, dress shoes and socks are recommended for Citizens planning to run for a State Office
  • Backpack
  • Notebook and pens/pencils
  • Umbrella and/or poncho
  • Money for extra shirts ($10/shirt), pizza ($10/pizza – offered at registration for two nights during the program), snacks (NSU operates a candy/chips/drinks concession stand each evening)

If applying for the Samsung Scholarship, this is a separate process that must be completed online prior to arrival at the program. More information online at