Program Orientation Notes

The following information is is part of and complements additional information given to you by the American Legion as part of your orientation meetings prior to arrival at the program. If you have any questions about this information, please contact the Program Staff using the Contact Us page. You may also download this outline in PDF format.

  1. Remember the following notes about clothing during the program:
    • Each Boys State Citizen is required to wear a Boys State shirt from the time he registers at the program through departure at the end of the week. Each Citizen is provided one (1) shirt as part of the program cost. Additional shirts may be purchased at ten dollars ($10) per shirt. It is recommended that each Citizen purchase two (2) extra shirts, one to wear himself and one to set aside to exchange at the Boys State/Girls State dance social.
    • Laundry service is provided by members of the American Legion each day for Boys State shirts only. Be sure to pack enough other articles of clothing for the week.
    • Closed toed shoes are required for daily use and movement around campus.
    • For other clothing notes, see the attached packing list.
  2. Two nights (Tuesday and Thursday) during the week, Citizens will be offered the opportunity to order pizza that can be eaten at the dorms. Each pizza ordered is ten dollars ($10) and must be ordered during registration on the first day. Flavors are cheese and pepperoni. (If citizens have medical or religions dietary restrictions, limited additional food options can be made available at the same cost. Please contact the program staff at for more information.)
  3. NSU operates a candy/chips/drinks-style concession stand each night at the program. Citizens should bring extra spending money if they would like to purchase any of these snacks.
  4. Any Citizens with food allergies or dietary restrictions (medical, religious, etc.) need to let the Program Staff know prior to arrival or during registration upon arrival at NSU. The University cafeteria can meet these needs, but only when alerted to them in advance. To ensure accommodations can be starting with the first meal served, contact the Program Staff as early as possible before the program.
  5. Citizens need to remember and be responsible for their own prescription medication. If there are special circumstances involved (e.g. refrigeration, injection, etc.) please let the Program Staff know either before arrival or during registration on Day 1.
  6. Citizens are not allowed to bring pre-prepared campaign materials to the program. Not only does it create an unlevel playing field, but Citizens often find themselves running for or winning offices which they had not previously considered.
  7. Louisiana Boys State does not ban Citizens from bringing cell phones. However, use of them should be restricted to free time in the dorms or at times specified by the Program Staff.
  8. The following notes about online communication and program updates throughout the week should be remembered and shared with anyone interested:
    • The official program website is It will be updated up to and throughout the program. The Boys State Program Staff can be reached by emailing
    • Boys State will be active across its social media platforms throughout the week. We operate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts (username: @laboysstate) which will constantly be updated with messages, pictures, and short videos throughout the week.
    • During the week there will be a series of events from the program broadcast live through the Boys State YouTube channel ( A schedule of these times and events will be posted on the Boys State website prior to the start of the program. These broadcasts will also be archived on our YouTube channel for later viewing.
  9. Citizens are considered to have attended and completed the program only if they attend in in the entirety. Therefore, early departure is not only discouraged, it should be actively avoided. Early departure for events such as vacations or other programs/camps are not considered valid excuses for having completed the program, even if leaving on the morning of the last day. The Boys State Chairman and Commission may excuse early departures but do so only in the case of events deemed at their discretion as “unforeseen acts of God” (e.g. illness, death of a family member, etc.).
  10. Parents are welcome to attend the program to view activities and awards on Day 7 (Saturday, June 30). We ask that they avoid coming to campus at any other time as it will disrupt the flow of the program and the Citizen experience.
    • The Capitol Program, in which Citizens demonstrate projects and knowledge from throughout the week, will be held 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
    • The Awards Convocation and closing ceremonies will be held from 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM.
    • Between the Capitol Program and Awards Convocation the Boys State Citizens will eat lunch in the cafeteria. While parents are encouraged to visit any of the fine restaurants in Natchitoches, they cannot be accommodated in the cafeteria nor can Citizens leave campus.
  11. Citizen departure from the program – whether early or on the final day and whether by American Legion provided transportation or by parent – is subject to check-out with members of the American Legion and Boys State Staff. No Citizen may depart the program without following these procedures in order to ensure the safety of all participants.
  12. Be sure to fully review all material in the informational brochure, and in the registration packet (Medical Form, Code of Conduct and Reminders for Citizens, and NSU anti-hazing policy) prior to arrival. Contact Boys State Program Staff if you have any questions.
  13. Remember to bring your registration packet (Medical Form, Code of Conduct and Reminders for Citizens, and NSU anti-hazing policy) with you, completed and signed, to registration on the first day of the program. Do not mail them to the American Legion state office or turn them into your school office. You must have all of these documents with you, signed, at registration in order to participate in the program.